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(Spaarne ZKH. Haarlem 03-02-2011)
(Spaarne ZKH. Haarlem 15-12-2010)
ExEm® Foam 2D Ultrasound Video
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Proximal block L
Proximal block L
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Proximal block R
Clinical Images
ExEm® Foam intrauterine foam images of the uterus with the fallopian tubes in two women with known or suspected infertility.

In one patient, both tubes showed patency (left column), and in the other patient, the left tube was occluded and the right one was patent (right column, confirmed by the reference standard). (A) and (B) 2D-HyFoSy, (C) and (D) offline HD-live rendered 3D-HyFoSy, (E) and (F) 2D-HDF-HyFoSy and (G) and (H) offline color-rendered 3D-HDF-HyFoSy showing the same diagnosis as the reference standard.

Images (E) through (F): if the foam flow is present throughout the catheter, the uterus, and the patent tube  during infusion, positive contrasting by the foam is significantly enhanced by color (left column). One fallopian tube is occluded in the right column: in (B) and (D), it is partially contrasted by foam, and in (F) and (H), it is not contrasted by color.
(Source: Ludwin I, et al. 2017)

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